R. Strauss: Enoch Arden

with Patrick Stewart
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Richard Strauss (1864 – 1949)

Enoch Arden, Op. 38 A melodrama for piano and speaker after Alfred Lord Tennyson
1. Prelude. Andante “Long lines of cliff breaking”
2. “So these were wed” Langsam
3. Allegro appassionato “She when the day, that Enoch mentioned”
4. Tranquillo, “And so ten years, since Enoch left”
5. Annie’s Dream. Langsam “When lo! Her Enoch sitting on a height”
6. Prelude. Allegro moderato. “And where was Enoch?”
7. “Thus over Enoch’s early silvering head”
8. Allegro agitato. “When the dead man comes to life”
9. Langsam “Women, disturb me not at the last”

10. Andante, Op. 3, No. 1 from Five Piano Pieces for Solo Piano
11. Allegro Molto, Op. 3, No. 4 from Five Piano Pieces for Solo Piano